Marin Juniors 2



Marin Juniors 2, "M2", offers volleyball teams for girls in 5th - 8th grade (11s, 12s, 13s, and 14s age groups) that compete in tournaments held around the Bay Area.  We offer a two month preseason in addition to our regular season, which runs from January - April and is comprised of regular clinics and practices held at Marin Academy and tournaments throughout the Bay Area. Tryouts will be held in mid-November, stay tuned for exact schedules.

The M2 program offers competitive volleyball skill development and provides players with valuable game playing-experience, without the time commitment and cost of being part of a full-fledged travel team. M2 teams are coached by Marin Juniors club team coaches, who expect a high-level of play. M2 teams are an opportunity for developing volleyball players to play in a club-like format and take their game to the next level.



Players who try out and make M2 will first attend clinics together as a group where our coaches will work with players on volleyball fundamentals. These clinics will run from the week after tryouts to December. Players will then be placed onto teams, and each team will be assigned its own dedicated coach.

Players will develop team volleyball concepts and technical skills in a team practice environment and progress to competition against the other M2 teams as well as other teams in the Bay Area. This will culminate with participation in tournaments where players will have the opportunity to experience a large scale, competitive atmosphere.

At the end of the indoor season, M2 teams head outside for fun in the sand. M2 Beach will consist of two sand clinics of beach volleyball where players will be introduced to the sport and our Marin Beach Program Director, Lisa Gera. Playing in the sand helps players improve skills, agility, and their mental and physical game. 


M2 Select

We are excited to introduce a new level of competition to the M2 program. Running with the success of the M2 All-Stars in last year's Premier League Championship, we will be putting together a high performance team for each age group: M2 Select. These teams will be comprised of the most talented and committed girls from their respective divisions, who are looking for a higher level of competition.

After the regular season, M2 Select players will have the option to extend their season until the end of May, and participate in the Premier League Championships. 



The 2020 program fees are $1,300 per player. This cost covers gym rentals, insurance, apparel (warmups, shirts, jersey, spandex...but not shoes or kneepads) and coaching. Registration for M2s happens online.

In addition, each player may need to register through USA Volleyball / NCVA for a membership ($70) which allows them entry into the tournaments, stay tuned for more information.

For players invited to extend their season with M2 Select, there will be an additional cost of $350 which covers additional apparel, tournament, coaching, and gym fees.


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