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Position development Program

MARIN JUNIORS continues to be passionate about challenging ourselves as a club to offer both an enriching, supportive environment for players and coaches, as well as broad opportunities for players to advance their skills and increase their competitive edge in volleyball. 


This season we will continue the Advanced Position Development component to our indoor season training for the 13s - 18s club teams. Through this program, dedicated Position Specialist Coaches provide each player with specialized technical instruction and attention. Regularly scheduled trainings focus on the four indoor volleyball positions: Outside/Right-Side, Middle, Setter, and Libero/Defensive Specialist. Advanced trainings cover the technical skills required for each position, as well as the mental, emotional, and decision-making aspects of volleyball to help players get to the next level.

For 11s and 12s teams, players' specific roles are still forming; however, the needs for individualized skill training are just as important as at any other stage. Kevin Seeley is the director of skills development for these age groups, when players are often asked to contribute in multiple ways. 

For older girls, providing dedicated coaches by position gives each player a consistent coach over the course of her career with the club, while getting the opportunity to experience new team coaches each season. We believe these efforts advance the long-term development of players by giving coaches and players opportunities to work together for longer than just a few months each year. It is exceptionally valuable for a player to have a coach who has watched you develop, knows where you've been and where you want to go, and who operates outside of the confines of the team.

personalized Advanced training

Each club player meets with the same Position Specialist throughout the season. Within specific trainings, players work on techniques and situations specific to their position.  Trainings will not only be limited to physical skill development. Sessions also focus on knowledge critical to successful teams such as: reading the game, anticipating plays, decision-making, and understanding the role of each position.

in-season Overview

  • November-December: Players meet with Position Coaches to help players identify their personal goals and to establish the Position Coach as an ongoing resource and coach-mentor.

  • January-April: Advanced trainings take place approximately twice a month during the indoor season. Sessions are scheduled to fit into team practice/tournament schedules and will vary by position and player.

  • May-June: Each player meets with her Position Coach for an end-of-season review to discuss her developmental plan for the summer, fall and following year. Specific camps and small group clinics will be held to encourage long-term development.

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