Q: What are the costs for the beach program?
A: There are no required costs for the beach program, it is included in your club fees. It may require some additional gear (sunglasses, hat, sand socks) but all of the training and inter-club tournaments and events will be paid for by the club. There may be NCVA or other tournaments that players are interested in entering that would add costs, but all of the local training is included!

Q: What do I wear to play beach? Am I required to wear bikinis like the Olympians?
A: No, you will not need to wear a bikini. Wear what is comfortable, start with spandex and a t-shirt, just like you'd wear for practice. For any session, especially earlier in the morning or later in the day, it could be cooler, so your white LS or some form of LS might be a good option, as might yoga/athletic pants.

Also, you should make sure you have a hat or visor, sunglasses, and consider sand socks if the sand is particularly hot or cold.

Q: Are the sand practices mandatory?
A: No, the beach program is strongly encouraged, but not required, and players who choose not to participate will not be subject to any consequences at indoor practices or tournaments. 

Q: Are the beach practices taking the place of indoor practices?
A: No and Yes. Teams will continue to practice indoors twice per week through April, until their league regional championships are completed. Starting in early May, teams will then move strictly to the sand.

Q: If I can't make my scheduled practice, can I attend another session?
A: Maybe. If space allows, players may attend another session within one age group, but this will require authorization from your head coach and at least three days notice.

Q: Is training on the beach going to ruin my indoor skills or wear me out before a tournament?
A: No. While some of the movements and skills are slightly different and timing is different, we don't expect one day per week while you're still in the indoor season, is enough to throw off your game. If anything, the additional strength and defensive reading skills could pay dividends immediately!