Marin Juniors | Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is a fun, challenging sport. Beach volleyball helps athletes develop strength, speed, skills and a complete understanding of the game in a way that playing only indoor volleyball can't. Players who train in the sand will reach new heights indoors and we believe many players should be spending as much time playing outdoors as indoors. 

All indoor players are introduced to, and play beach. There is a 3-4 week beach program at the end of every indoor season where players learn the outdoor game and learn the differences between the indoor and outdoor game. Training is twice a week and there are some fun competition opportunities both locally and in Santa Cruz. Training is led by Lisa Gera, the Marin Beach Director.

If players are interested in continuing to play, players are encouraged to sign-up for the Marin Beach summer program.

I applaud clubs like Marin Juniors for adding a sand volleyball component to their offering. Players will benefit on so many levels and become even more complete athletes.

...I wish I had the opportunity to play sand volleyball while I was playing indoor volleyball...Once I began competing professionally on the sand I immediately understood how much stronger I was able to become moving barefoot in the sand without all the hard surface pounding to my body and joints.
— Gabrielle Reece - pro beach volleyball player, model, actress and sportscaster

If I were to do one thing differently as a young indoor player, I would choose to get out on the beach and cross train/hone my skills on that platform.
...I know, without a doubt, that getting sandy, training for beach volleyball or simply training in the sand, will improve every single athletes game — both mental and physical (and for me, spiritual!).

It’s so important to change things up in training. Challenge yourself in different ways .... Beach training is what I would choose because it’s intense, efficient, requires good foot work, perseverance and grit. It’s lower impact, but high in resistance. Sometimes it feels like your running in place, but after a few weeks you’ll find yourself running faster, reacting quicker & jumping higher.

If you want to improve your indoor game, get sandy!
— Kerri Walsh Jennings - USA Beach Volleyball Gold Medalist