While on their shift, chaperones are responsible for the health, safety and well-being of each of the individual players, making sure the team stays together and functions well, and to help communicate with the coaches as needed. Players, chaperones, coaches, and parent helpers are on “club time” and must look out for the better-good and safety of the athletes, coaches, chaperones, club while traveling.

Chaperones need to keep in mind that while traveling players are often over-tired, more excited and loud with their peer group, may be anxious about playing, and are out of their normal routines. We are asking Chaperones to find a balance - make it fun and enforce the rules. 

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring girls are where they need to be and on time
  • Ensure girls/coaches water bottles are always full throughout the tournament (this means refilling)
  • Ensuring lights-out and the girls get to sleep in a timely fashion (this means repeated room checks)
  • Ensure player hotel rooms are at a moderate temperature (67%) for sleeping. Hotel rooms may run hot, combined with altitude, making players sluggish and dehydrated
  • Charging girls devices in chaperone room overnight (bring 2 charging strips)
  • Executing group meals and snacks at the venue, at the hotel, and out-and-about
  • Ensuring girls are eating and drinking (since they will be distracted)
  • Executing fun activities during non-tournament times (such as taking them to the movies)
  • Ensuring girls are up/ready and have eaten a solid breakfast each morning 
  • Driving girls to and from all events
  • Ensure a smooth transition from one chaperone to the next
  • Ensuring girls use the buddy system and that girls are not left alone at anytime


  • Abide by the parent and player code of conduct signed at the beginning of the season.
  • Alcohol may not be consumed by the chaperones or helper drivers while on-duty. 
  • You are the Chaperone, and you have the final say regarding decisions, allowances, and exceptions. When deciding for the group, not everyone’s needs will be met 100% of the time. Make the best decision for the group at the time. Encourage player inclusiveness.
  • Be on time at the agreed meeting places; always check in for last minute changes and allow extra time for forgotten/misplaced items or straggling players.
  • Club policy is that the players stay together for the duration of the tournament - they are on "club time". Any exception should be approved by the coach/club director. 
  • Know where the players are at all times. Remind the girls that they are not to go anywhere alone. Buddy up or take a chaperone, depending on the destination. The girls will always need to be supervised (for example, they cannot go to the hotel pool on their own without a chaperone in pool area).
  • Encourage the girls to eat and drink. Generally, the excitement of being in a group makes them unaware of their thirst and hunger. 
  • Check in with the girls and let them know they can come to you one-on-one if they need anything.
  • If you are ever in doubt ask yourself, "Is what they are doing safe, in their best interest and in the best interest of the team?" 
  • Make sure the girls are taking responsibility for the team balls, ball cart, water carriers, as well as their own gear - to the cars and into the tournament site.
  • If a player is sick, please alert parents immediately.
  • Make sure to communicate group meals with the coaches since they may want to join in.
  • It's recommended to wash uniforms over multi-day tournaments. Using individual mesh laundry bags (players bring) with player uniform & socks. Toss all the individual mesh laundry bags in the wash at the hotel once during the stay.

NON-CHAPERONE PARENT tips & guidelines

  • Be aware of your child's dependence on you and keep some space if necessary. Part of the travel tournament experience is learning independence and responsibility, being a self-advocate, and dealing with a little discomfort. Enabling your daughter to cling to your side can impede some of this learning. 
  • Please refrain from taking your daughter to visit family, participate in separate activities, eat apart from the team, or have their daughter stay in their room. Exceptions may be made such as if a player becomes ill during a tournament, travels separately and is late arriving to a destination, or other circumstances arise. Any exceptions need to be cleared with the team travel coordinator, head coach, and possibly the club director.
  • Please respect the decisions and responsibilities of the coaches and Chaperones, even if you have a differing preference or opinion.