2017 Club Fees

The club fees for the season will be $2900 for all teams, except 18 Black ($2500)

An initial deposit of $1400 must be paid by 12/1. Any initial payments received after 12/1 will be subject to a $100 late fee. Half of the remaining balance ($750) must be received by 1/20 and the final payment is due on 3/1.

If you chose to pay with credit card please log into Blue Sombrero and your balance will show up in your open orders. You may also pay with a check directly to Marin Juniors, you will still need to log on to Blue Sombrero to accept your spot on your team. If you pay by check, please give at least 7-10 business days for it to reflect your account balance on Blue Sombrero. Any family paying their club fees in full via check will have $50 donated in their name to our player scholarship fund (non tax-deductible). 

Send Checks to:

Marin Volleyball
PO Box 151674
San Rafael, CA

Club fees for each team will cover:

  • Tournament and League Registration/Entry Fees
  • Facilities (Indoor and Beach Courts)
  • Insurance
  • Coach Salaries and Expenses
  • Player Apparel Package and Bag - Indoor and Beach
  • Team Equipment (Volleyballs, Ball Carts, Pumps, Nets, First Aid Kits, etc.)
  • Administrative Fees