This Parent-Player Handbook provides information about the program and is a written contract between parents, players and the club to abide by the policies and procedures of Marin Juniors and the Northern California Volleyball Association. Each player, coach, parent, and member of the club leadership team represents the club. The club expects all parties to maintain a positive attitude and uphold the ideals of fair play and good sportsmanship. To participate in Marin Juniors, all players and parents are required to agree to and sign this code of conduct document.


The mission of Marin Juniors is to provide the highest quality training and competition for young volleyball players at all levels of development. Our core values of teamwork, determination, respect and a growth mindset underpin everything we do. Every practice session, clinic, competition and experience is an opportunity for growth and development. Ultimately, the skills we develop at Marin Juniors are skills that will help our players succeed both on the court and in life.


Established in 1983, Marin Juniors has a proud history of producing accomplished athletes while fostering a lifelong love for the sport. The club emphasizes skill development, growth mindset, fitness and mobility training, wellness education, and teamwork in a competitive and supportive environment.

Marin Juniors offers club level girls’ volleyball teams that compete during the indoor club season from November - June. These teams consist of 11s - 18s at varying skill levels that provide a competitive youth volleyball experience for all players. During the spring, summer and fall Marin Juniors also offers beach volleyball, summer clinics, and private lessons.

The club attracts and develops outstanding players and has a highly experienced coaching staff that presents consistent and unified philosophies and teaching methods. Marin Juniors is a registered program with USA Volleyball.


 Marin Juniors aims to provide a positive, healthy environment for youth volleyball players to develop volleyball skills with an emphasis on effort, athleticism, and sportsmanship. We take the long view of an athlete’s development, teaching values of teamwork, responsibility, and self-discipline concurrently with competitive volleyball skills. Coaches are committed to the following goals: 

  • Promote good sportsmanship - model and teach players to honor the game.

  • Model the type of behavior expected of athletes. Lead by example by demonstrating fair play, a growth mindset, sportsmanship, composure and enthusiasm to all players.

  • Demonstrate commitment to a culture of learning, through professional coaching development and certifications, goal setting, and participating in feedback opportunities.

  • Communicate regularly and extensively with players and parents about all practices, tournaments and expectations for the team to run successfully.

  • Place the emotional and physical well being of players ahead of a personal desire to win.

  • Treat each player as an individual, being mindful of the large range of emotional and physical development for the same age group.

  • Establish team and individual goals for players and provide honest, regular feedback.

  • Plan and organize practices that maximize learning and keep it fun and challenging for all players.

  • Honor start and end times of practice schedules.

  • Provide a drug, tobacco, and alcohol free environment.

  • Be knowledgeable in the rules of volleyball and teach these rules to players.

  • Adhere to the principles of the Positive Coaching Alliance, understanding the importance of filling players’ emotional tanks.

  • Reward players for effort, not just outcomes.


The total cost for the club volleyball season varies by team and are set before tryouts. Fees are due December 1st and are paid online via Blue Sombrero or by check. Club fees may be broken down into three payments by selecting the Primary Plan payment option online (or by check). With the Primary Plan, an initial deposit of half is due December 1st and the balance is split between two separate successive payments, due mid-Jan and early March.

If fees are not paid, the player will be released from the team and not permitted to practice. If a remaining balance is not paid, the player will not be permitted to play the following season. Financial assistance may be available, please contact the club directly.

Club fees represent the cost for a player to play on a club team. Fees pertain to all teams, regardless of age/level. Fees include:

  • Tournament and League Registration Fees

  • Facilities

  • Insurance

  • Coach Salaries and Expenses

  • Player Apparel Package

  • Team Equipment

  • Administrative Fees

  • Hotel Fees

The club fees may not include all team travel expenses such as food, social outings, team parties, and the like. Players on teams that travel more will pay more due to travel expenses.


We ask that parents and players think carefully about their decision to play for Marin Juniors and once your decision has been made, we do expect you to uphold your time and financial commitment to the program. We also understand that life happens, and we have guidelines around for things change.


If a player is injured during the season, we strongly encourage the player to remain with the team.

For season-ending injuries before December 15th, the remainder of the club fee will be waived. The initial payment is non-refundable.

For season-ending injuries after December 15th,

  • For injuries sustained while participating in club-related activities, families may receive fee waivers of up to 50% of the balance of the club fees

  • For injuries not-sustained while participating in club-related activities, families may receive fee waivers of up to 25% of the balance of the club fees

For non season-ending injuries, if a player is going to miss significant playing time, but will remain with the team during recovery, and will return before the end of the season, at the club's discretion, families may be given a discount on the club fees of up to 25% of the total fees.


If a player decides for any reason, to quit the team, we expect the family to uphold their financial commitment. If the player quits before December 15th, the remainder of the club fee will be waived. The initial payment is non-refundable. If a player quits after December 15th, the family is responsible for the entire club fee.

Removal from the Team

If a player is asked to leave the club by the coaches and club administration due to attitude, behavior and/or attendance issues, the family will be refunded a pro-rated amount of the balance due. The initial payment is non-refundable. 

Team Travel Expenses

Regardless of the situation for a player leaving a team, there should not be any expectation for refunds of any fees collected by the team for travel. In the case where we can cancel an airline ticket or we've collected for incidental food for tournaments, at the team's discretion, some portion may be returned. It is unfair to the remainder of the team, regardless of the situation, to ask for additional travel and incidental contributions to cover players who are no longer with the team.


In addition to club fees, club teams require a significant commitment by the player and support by the player's family. Practices are held at least two times per week, and other special practices such as position training or conditioning training may be held at other times. Tournaments are typically 1-2 hours from Marin, though some may be further and require an overnight stay. Day-long tournaments may require a departure time as early as 5:30 AM and a return time as late as 8:00 PM the same day.

While family and academic obligations come first and we encourage multi-sport and multi-activity athletes, it is important to understand the commitment required of successful teams. During high school and college seasons, players will train and/or compete up to six times a week, often without missing a single event due to schoolwork. We believe that the vast majority of players can be responsible and diligent to take care of their academic workload throughout the season without conflicting with practices or tournaments. We also ask players and families to do their best to schedule school and family events around your team's schedule, at least those within your control/influence. 

In the case of other sports and activities, if the athlete has committed to dates/events prior to signing with Marin Juniors and those dates have been communicated with the coach, that would be considered a reasonable absence. If the athlete decides to participate in other activities or sports prior to her commitment with Marin Juniors, we would expect her to uphold her commitment to her Marin Juniors team first.

In the case of injuries, we feel strongly that there is a great learning opportunity to remain with the team and the presence of an injured player at both practices and tournaments can have a very positive influence on the team. We ask players to be selfless, resilient, committed and active learners. We ask teams to create a culture of inclusion, positivity and playing for something bigger than yourself. Injuries and the response to them are excellent opportunities for players (injured and healthy) to embody the values we hope to teach. We have seen incredibly positive outcomes (both long-term and short-term) from situations where injured players remain an active part of the team. 


Marin Juniors provides some insurance protection through USAV Volleyball on an excess coverage basis for all members participating in scheduled, supervised, approved activities such as practice sessions and tournaments. Travel with a supervised group of team members directly to and from these activities is also covered. When an injury has occurred during one of these activities, parents must first file a claim with their family insurance carrier.

USAV insurance covers some of those medical expenses associated with a qualified injury not covered because of a deductible clause in the family policy. THIS INSURANCE COVERAGE WILL NOT TAKE THE PLACE OF YOUR REGULAR FAMILY INSURANCE COVERAGE.


Equipment provided for each team includes: A player uniform package (jerseys, spandex, backpack, etc.), volleyballs, ball bags, a ball cart, and a first aid kit. Players provide their own socks, court shoes (or sand socks for beach), ankle braces, kneepads, sunglasses, visors, and any other desired equipment.

All equipment will be assigned at the beginning of the season to each team. All equipment should be taken care of by players and coaches. Players and coaches will be charged for lost or damaged equipment. All equipment and uniforms, as applicable, must be returned by June 1st.  The only exception is a traveling team that has tournaments still continuing in June or July.


Pickleweed Community Center and Marin Academy High School are two of the primary facilities for practices. These gyms are some of the nicest facilities in Marin with proper flooring, excellent lighting, and heating. As guests in these facilities, the club expects each player to respect the facility, the equipment, and the maintenance staff. Please make sure to help keep the facilities clean, equipment tidy, and adhere to all of the rules for each location. Dogs are not allowed on the Marin Academy campus.


Scheduled practice time is START time, and not arrival time. Players and coaches are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of each practice to help set-up nets and equipment and for any team-related discussions. Practices are open to parents at the discretion of the coaches and/or club director. All athletes are expected to attend every practice and only an illness/injury that is serious enough to keep the player home from school or a genuine family emergency are legitimate excuses for missing practice. Regardless of the reason, if a player isn’t at practice, her playing time may be affected and players should let their coach know if they cannot be at practice ahead of time. Players are expected to bring water to every practice and to tournaments. No chewing gum or jewelry is allowed, and hair should be pulled back out of the face. Practices will be finished no later than 9:45 pm. Players must help to maintain the facility they are using. Players will not leave practice until all duties are performed and their coaches release them. Dress code must be followed.


Marin Juniors players are representing their club and themselves. At practices and tournaments all players are required to wear club apparel. For practice, the required apparel is the Marin Juniors practice shirt, black spandex, and volleyball or other appropriate athletic shoes. At tournaments, the uniform consists of a Marin Juniors jersey, black spandex, and volleyball shoes or other appropriate athletic shoes. Players are not to wear clothing that is revealing, cut or torn or have school or other club affiliation. Players should refrain from wearing cut-off spandex, sports bras without shirts, short shirts that show the stomach or cleavage, or low cut tank tops.


For those interested in private or group lessons with coaches, please schedule sessions directly with coaching staff and pay them directly. Private lessons are offered year round except for in the fall season before tryouts. Lessons are a great way to get one-on-one individual, or small group attention on specific volleyball techniques.

For single player lessons, a parent must be present for the entire duration of the lesson.

For group lessons, parents are not to leave from drop off or pick up until the last parent arrives - and everyone leaves at once.

This ensures that lessons, whether private or group, will always include at least one additional person, aside from the player and the coach in attendance. 


Mobile devices are allowed at tournaments and practices; however, they must stay in a player’s bag and permission to call/text must be given. Mobile devices need to be on silent or vibrate. At overnight tournaments, all mobile devices must be turned off by curfew and given to chaperones for charging. Violation of device rules may result in loss of playing time. 


Club policy is that the players carpool to and from tournaments, leaving from a central meetup location (e.g., Peet’s Coffee at Bon Air Shopping Center). Parents sign up to drive groups of players and also drive coaching staff as needed. Player carpool groupings and coach car assignments change to foster strength across the team and create team unity. Friend requests for carpools will not be honored.

For multiple-day away tournaments such as Reno or Sacramento tournaments, players and chaperones travel and stay together in a block of “team hotel rooms” for the duration of the away tournament. Hotel rooms are booked in advance by the club at a group rate, and paid for by the club. Player room assignments are provided by the coach, and cannot be changed. Player’ rooms, chaperones’ rooms, and coach lodging are paid for by the team regardless of a child’s tournament attendance. Please note:

  • Chaperones and attending parents may not do any separate activities, eat apart from the team or make alternate arrangements for their daughter.

  • If players are excused from riding with the team carpool to an overnight tournament hotel/venue, they will need to arrive to the team hotel room no later than 8 PM to be permitted to stay in the team hotel room. If it is anytime after 8 PM, players may have to stay with a family member so as not to disturb the team hotel rooms.

  • Player Travel Rules and Player Packing List will be provided prior to the first overnight trip of the season. Prior to departure, rules and the packing list will be reviewed with the team by their coach.

  • Team carpool and travel are important pieces in building team unity, developing responsibility, and simplifying coordination.

For more detailed information and guidelines for club travel, please read our Travel Policies.


Club teams require support and help from parents to run effectively. Having a volunteer job is also an important way for parents to build stronger bonds with each other and the club, feel more connected to their athlete during the season, and help the team to succeed. At the team meeting at the beginning of the season, volunteer opportunities are shared and filled. Team jobs include:

Team Parent(s)
Handles communications to team. Ensures team is running smoothly, provides support to parents and coaches as needed. Helps answer questions about how the club works for new parents and is an advocate for the club.

Team Treasurer
Handles team accounting via Google doc spreadsheet and manages team travel fees (collecting, reimbursing, etc.).

Tournament Carpool Coordinator
Coordinates carpool and related information about each nearby tournaments making sure to follow the club's travel and transportation policy.

Team Apparel Package Liaison
Works with club apparel team to order and deliver player apparel packages to the team and work through any changes that need to be made.

Team Snap Manager
Ensures all parents are up and running on the team app (Team Snap or similar) and all practices, tournaments, and social events are up to date. Troubleshoots issues.

Photography / Video
All parents are encouraged to takes photos and video of players/team at tournaments and shares with team and club. Some photos may be used for club marketing purposes. Teams also will need parents to record matches to upload into Krossover.

Team Travel Person
Plan overnight trips for team, making sure to follow club travel and transportation policy.

Overnight tournaments require chaperones to take care of the team at the hotel, at the venue, and while traveling. All moms are expected to take a turn chaperoning.

The team travels together to and from all tournaments. All parents will need to help drive the team carpool (to and from a tournament) at least 3-4 times. Carpool drivers sign-up to drive throughout the season.

Additional Club Level Volunteer Opportunities
After all team jobs have been filled, check w/ Club Director if you are interested in helping out at the club level. Marin Juniors can always use volunteers.


We understand that it is our responsibility to provide positive support for our daughter, her teammates, her coaches, her opponents, officials and Marin Juniors Volleyball Club. We will abide by the Northern California Volleyball Association Code of Conduct, NCVA Letter of Commitment, and the following rules specific to Marin Juniors:


  • Promote good sportsmanship

  • Cheer for the entire team, complement players other than my daughter and celebrate great plays from both sides

  • Recognize effort, not just results

  • Respect the officials

  • Reinforce the growth mindset

  • Refrain from coaching from the sidelines

  • Use positive body language

  • Refrain from commentary on other players

  • Contribute to the function and needs of the team

  • Encourage my child-athlete to speak directly with his/her coach about coaching decisions or other areas of concern. For younger developing players, facilitate a meeting between your player and the coach to discuss any concerns.

  • Wait at least 24 hours after a tournament if I have concerns or questions about my daughters playing time, role on the team, or other coaching decisions that I witness at a tournament.

  • Notify a coach/director immediately if I witness any illegal activity in the club, at practice, or at a tournament.

  • Provide legal transportation, and obey all the laws and safety (taking into consideration the road conditions and vehicle condition) when driving to and from all team events with players.

  • Follow the “chain of command” to lodge a complaint. If the player-coach meeting doesn’t solve an issue, and discussions with the Club Director and/or Director of Coaches are not satisfactory, a meeting will be scheduled with the parents, player, coach and the Club Director.


I understand that it is my goal to exhibit good sportsmanship to my teammates, my coaches, my opponents, officials, the Marin Juniors Volleyball Club and myself. I am fully committed to Marin Juniors Volleyball Club and will abide by the Northern California Volleyball Association Code of Conduct and the following:


  • Promote good sportsmanship

  • Respect the officials, coaching staff, and parent volunteers

  • Respect the history and tradition of the sport of volleyball by being a good ambassador

  • Use positive body language

  • Support teammates with positive comments

  • Always give full effort at practices and in games

  • Follow protocol while on the sideline/ bench: Stay next to the coach for instruction. Watch the game. Support teammates with positive comments. Mentally prepare to return to the game. Let the coach decide on substitutions.

  • Bring water to every practice and tournament. No gum or jewelry. Follow dress code.

  • Travel and lodge together with my team according to the club travel and transportation policy, unless prior arrangements have been made.

  • Adhere to all of the standard travel policies of the club, plus any other rules set forth by the chaperones or coaches while on club time.

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of each practice to help set-up nets and equipment.

  • Respect all practice and game facilities and their respective staff. Each player is expected to pick up their trash, help put all equipment away properly, and leave the facilities clean.

  • Notify the coach if you cannot attend a practice or a tournament. Keep Team Snap availability updated and if there are any changes after 2pm, notify the coach via text or phone.

  • Always display a positive attitude towards teammates and coaches.

  • Communicate directly with coaches. Players are encouraged to ask questions and direct their own development.


  • No player is guaranteed playing time in a tournament without participating in practices, showing enthusiasm, demonstrating good sportsmanship, participating in officiating assignments, and working at developing skills.

  • No player is guaranteed a specific position. All positions are determined by the coaches. The coach will assess strengths and weaknesses of all players to determine where an athlete best fits in the line-up.

  • No player is guaranteed membership for future seasons. Each new season, the number of teams and roster size will be determined by number of available coaches, availability of facilities, and previous behavior of the player and parents, including payment of fees.

  • Players may not drink alcohol, smoke, vape, take illegal drugs, use steroids, or any other harmful or illegal substance. Players may not possess or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If it is determined that these rules have been violated, the player will be sent home immediately and face possible dismissal from the team without refund.

  • If a player is suspended or expelled from the club, the player is not entitled to any reimbursement of any fees paid.


  • Problem Behavior = discussion (Coach/Director)

  • Unexcused absences and tardiness = suspension from play (Coach)

  • Unsportsmanlike behavior = suspension from play (Coach)

  • Stealing, drug use, alcohol use = expulsion from club (Director)

  • Serious violation of rules = expulsion from club (Director)




ACKNOWLEDGEMENT PAGE (download, print, sign and return)