Dan Freeman

Senior Advisor

  • 1969 Began His Volleyball Career


  • 3 Daughters who played competitive volleyball


  • 30+ Years Living in Marin

Dan has a lifetime's involvement with volleyball – as a team manager, player, high school and club coach, high school, club and NCAA official, club administrator, founding team member at Absolute Volleyball Club, and father to three competitive volleyball players. As a player, Dan played for UCLA Men's Volleyball team and was a member of the Junior USA Volleyball Team and USA Macciabiah Team. 

Dan joins Marin Juniors as Senior Advisor, bringing his wealth of knowledge, experience and passion for volleyball to the club. He has assumed the role of Player Agent for the club, a mentor-advocate for players and a resource for parents and coaches, guiding them to short and long term solutions. His love for volleyball is fueled by a desire for excellence and bolsters a positive volleyball culture.

He and his wife Stacey have three daughters (ages 22, 24, and 27), all of whom played volleyball. Between the three girls they earned high school championships, repeated MCAL MVP awards and multiple honors. All the girls played at local clubs and two went on to college club and NCAA Div 1 play where both competed in their respective national championship. 

Dan earned his Doctor of Dentist Surgery from the University of the Pacific Dental School in 1984, and has practiced as a dentist in San Anselmo since 1987. Dan is a member of  the Professional Association of Volleyball Officials and a past member of the North Bay Volleyball Officials Association.

For parents and players, Dan can be contacted directly at:  (415) 258-5111 and dan@marinjuniors.com. 




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