Club volleyball is not an inexpensive propositions and every year there are a number of players who have the talent and drive to be successful with our program, but who do not have the means to make it happen. We are looking for generous families and businesses who understand the value of youth athletics and believe in the experiences that Marin Juniors can provide.

The club fees for the 2016 season were $2,500 for each player and travel and incidental expenses add $400-800 on top of that. We are happy to accept donations* in any amount and businesses who donate at least $2,500 will be placed on our featured business page.

If you are interested in helping young athletes reach their full potential and to help keep Marin Juniors a diverse, inclusive program, please consider donating. You can submit payment via PayPal at


*Currently, we do not have non-profit status, so unfortunately your donations will not be tax-deductible.