To be prepared to play outdoors, here is some gear considerations:

Strongly Recommended:

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Towel

Items to consider

  • Sand Socks - helps protect your feet if the sand is hot or cold.

  • Outdoor Ball. The two recommended balls are

    • Spalding - King of the Beach (official NCVA/USA Volleyball). $45 on Amazon. But if you want one for less, the club has them at a significant discount. Contact Craig for more info.

    • Wilson AVP (official NCAA ball). $38 on Amazon.

    • Also, the club has some Spalding King of the Beach replica balls made of synthetic leather that can be used where they would get wet or on rough pavement where you might not want to damage your nice leather ball. $12 each.

  • Portable Net (so you can set up your own game wherever you go!)

    • The club has a limited number of Spalding Kart Kourt portable systems available for an aggressively discounted $100 each (MSRP $350).