M2 Beach Volleyball

At the end of the indoor season, M2 teams head outside for fun in the sand and play beach volleyball. Playing in the sand helps players improve skills, agility, and their mental and physical game. M2 beach clinics are held on the sand courts at Piper Park in Larkspur and at Cove School in Corte Madera. The schedule will be published by the end of February. 

Many Marin Juniors, M2, and Volleystart players participate in Marin Juniors' summer beach volleyball opportunities (clinics, tournaments, summer camps) and cross over and play with Golden Gate Volleyball.


"...I know, without a doubt, that getting sandy, training for beach volleyball or simply training in the sand, will improve every single athlete's game - both mental and physical (and for me, spiritual)."  - Kerri Walsh-Jennings