Q: How much does the program cost? What does this include? Are there additional expenses?
The fees for the 2019 season will be $1100. This covers all practices, M2 clinics, and M2 competition fees.  Players will receive uniforms, practice tees, and warm-up apparel. This year we will be attending tournaments outside of the county in order to give players more experience.  This entails an all day (and possibly weekend) long commitment, and will add some small travel costs as well as time commitment. If your daughter is invited to extend her season with M2 select, there will be an additional fee of $350. 

Q: What kind of coaching will I receive?
Preseason clinics and training will be led by Marin Juniors Club Volleyball coaches. Teams will be managed by experienced current/former club players as well as players in high school and college.

Q: Will there be any travel?
Yes. This 2018 season, we are participating in several tournaments outside of Marin. Our goal is to expose players to different competition in order to give them a taste of the traveling club program. We expect the range of travel to be somewhere between San Jose and Sacramento.

Q: How much playing time will I get?
With only 10 players per team, we expect all of the players to get plenty of opportunities and experience competing on the court.  

Q: What will practice and tournament schedules be and where will they be held? How long is the season and when does it start/end?

All practices will be held at Marin Academy High School every Sunday. Gym permitting, there may be some weekday evening practices. Tournaments will be held every two to three weeks.  Pre-season clinics begin in November, and the season runs from January to April 2018. Please check the M2 Season Schedule for specific dates and times.

Q: Does M2 offer beach volleyball similar to what Marin Junior club teams participate in? Is there any additional cost?

At the end of the indoor season, M2 teams head outside for fun in the sand. M2 beach will consist of 2 sand clinics of beach volleyball and is held on the sand courts at College of Marin. The beach clinic is included in the M2 fee, there is no additional cost to participate.


If you have any additional questions, please reach out to m2@marinjuniors.com