Q: Do I need to attend the club tryouts on November 5th and 6th to be eligible for M2?
No.  If you are only interested in M2 and not the traveling club teams you do not have to register and participate in the club tryouts. There are separate tryouts for M2s happening Sunday, November 13 2016 at Marin Academy. The schedule will be published soon.

Q: What are tryouts like?
Players will run through a series of drills to demonstrate competency in the basic fundamentals of passing, setting, serving and hitting.  Toward the latter part of each session, there will be game-like situations to demonstrate players' ability to execute skills in competition.  Players will also be moved across courts and groups based on performance and/or specific positions.  It is important that players do not get caught up in which court they (or their friends) are on or how they are being moved. They should instead focus on doing the very best they can, no matter what.

Q: What are you looking for?
There will be coaches standing around the court with clipboards in hand, taking notes.  What are we writing and what are we looking for?  To start, we are looking for your current level of skill and experience, with particular attention paid to both proper mechanics and maximum effort.  In lieu of significant experience of proper teaching, we are looking for potential.  Raw athletic ability, general "ball sense" and "tracking" (e.g. how well a player anticipates and reacts to the game), and "coachability" are also scored highly. Other intangibles that coaches like are the ability to respond well to mistakes, encouraging and motivating others, and the attitude of players who simply love to play.

Q: Will all players who tryout be put on a team?
No.  Unfortunately we do not anticipate being able to accommodate every player who is interested, but we hope to create many more opportunities to participate than what is currently available.

Q: How will players be selected for teams?
As this is designed to be a developmental program, we will look for players we feel have good potential to become strong volleyball players, girls who are coachable and try to learn from what the coaches are telling them, and those that show a natural enthusiasm for the game and for team sports. Our goals is to have 8-10 players on each team.

Q: Is the tryout mandatory to participate?
It is very important that we are able to evaluate players correctly.  If you have a conflict that cannot be resolved, if we've seen the player at clinics or the tryouts it is possible we could place them on a team.  If we have a significant number of conflicts, we will consider adding a makeup tryout date.

Q: Are returning players given priority?
No.  We do use everything we know about a player and their family based on previous seasons, clinics and school seasons.  Obviously it helps if our coaches are familiar with a player's skill and experience, but our objective for tryouts is to put together the most balanced and competitive teams possible.  In some cases, for those families that have been with the program, but for any reason their commitment, coachablity, or attitude have not met our high standards - then history with the program will not work in their favor.

Q: How much does the program cost? What does this include? Are there additional expenses?
The fees for the 2017 season will be $1100. This covers all practices, M2 clinics, and M2 competition fees.  Players will receive uniforms, practice tees, and warmup apparel. This year we will be attending tournaments outside of the county in order to give players more experience.  This entails an all day (and possibly weekend) long commitment, and will add some small travel costs as well as time commitment.

Q: What kind of coaching will I receive?
Preseason clinics and training will be led by Marin Juniors Club Volleyball coaches. Teams will be managed by experienced current/former club players as well as players in high school and college.

Q: Will there be any travel?
Yes. This 2017 season, we are participating in several tournaments outside of Marin. Our goal is to expose players to different competition in order to give them a taste of the traveling club program. We expect the range of travel to be somewhere between San Jose and Sacramento.

Q: How much playing time will I get?
With only 9 players per team, we expect all of the players to get plenty of opportunities and experience competing on the court.  

Q: What will practice and tournament schedules be and where will they be held? How long is the season and when does it start/end?

All practices will be held at Marin Academy High School every Sunday and some weekday evenings. Tournaments will be held every two to three weeks.  Pre-season practice begins in December and continues into April 2017.

Q: Does M2 offer beach volleyball similar to what Marin Junior club teams participate in? Is there any additional cost?

At the end of the indoor season, M2 teams head outside for fun in the sand. M2 beach will consist of two sand clinics of beach volleyball and is held on the sand courts at Piper Park in Larkspur or at Cove School in Corte Madera. Beach clinics are included in the M2 fee, there is no additional cost to participate.