Players will have the option of either signing up for the Summer Full Package or make themselves available for Drop In sessions. In addition, private small group training is also available.

Summer 2017 Full Package:

  • 12 week training program (two per week, 24 total)
  • Two Queen of the Beach local tournaments
  • Three traveling tournaments (includes reg. fee and coaching support only)
  • Marin Beach Apparel Package
  • Priority on all practices and Queen of the Beach tourneys
  • Cost: $750


Summer 2017 A la carte/Drop in rates:

  • $30 per practice session
  • $40 per Queen of the Beach tourney
  • Tournament Coaching support ($50-75, depending on location and number of teams)
  • Marin Beach apparel available for purchase



  • Great way to prepare for tournaments and work with your partner
  • Small groups (1-4 players)
  • Work with a specific coach of your choice
  • Flexible scheduling so you can create your own schedule
  • $100/hr, $150/90 min. Split amongst attending players