Mobility VB

The first sessions with Kelly have been scheduled. These combined-team sessions will introduce all players to the goals of our program, some fundamental movements, and will teach players some important exercises that will be incorporated into standard warmups and performance programs. Parents are invited to listen and learn too.

Team session times and location to be announced for 2018.

After studying, observing and conducting strength and conditioning programs for years, we have gone back to the drawing board.  Dr. Kelly Starrett, renowned fitness and training expert and Marin Juniors parent, has created an entirely new approach to improving volleyball performance. 

Recognizing the need for athlete safety and performance optimization, Marin Juniors and MobilityWOD have partnered to create a volleyball-specific movement skills program.  Volleyball is a sport of specific trainable positions and movements that are not addressed in traditional team conditioning.  Traditionally, the emphasis on "fitness and conditioning" makes kids work hard but fails to develop and reinforce safe and optimized foundational body mechanics. 

Our approach is to create a program that can be incorporated directly into warm up and practice each week by the coaches, as opposed to adding additional weekly practices.  The integrated practice system approach eliminates additional conditioning practices for players that could be utilized for skill development and gives players more movement skill training exposure.  Our curriculum not only makes players more safe but also more effective volleyball players with improved body mechanics.  

In December, Kelly and Juliet will meet with each team and will train players on his volleyball-specific warmup methods as well as provide guidance for at-home exercises and movement training. Parents will be welcome to these sessions and will learn key concepts for their daughters and themselves.

The goals of Mobility VB are:

  • Jumping and landing mechanics
  • Squat and change of direction mechanics
  • Safe and stable overhead shoulder positioning
  • Midline spine stability and core integrity
  • Skill-based conditioning 
  • Effective team warm up strategy
  • Hydration, nutrition, and recovery strategies

Dr. Kelly Starrett - Profile

Coach Kelly Starrett founded San Francisco CrossFit with his wife and fellow athlete Juliet. Since opening its doors in 2005 as one of the first 50 CrossFit Affiliates, this athletic training center has become the prime coaching resource for reigning Olympians, national and world champions, tri-athletes, runners, and recreational athletes alike. 

Kelly & Juliet Starrett are co-founders of San Francisco Crossfit in 2005 which has become one of the premier high performance based strength and conditioning centers in the world.  San Francisco Crossfit also houses a performance based physical therapy clinic, led by Kelly, who is also a doctor of physical therapy. 

Their clientele range from professional athletes and teams (like Kerri Walsh, Georges St. Pierre, Barry Zito, The Saints), to Hollywood action stars and elite military units.   In 2010, they founded, which has become the premier web resource on a wide rage of human performance topics including injury prevention, movement & mechanics, performance optimization, and lifestyle. 

Kelly also lectures all over the globe to athletes, professional teams, corporations, physicians, and every branch of the military.  He is a two-time New York Times Bestselling author of Becoming A Supple Leopard and Ready to Run and has two more books coming to print in 2016.  In 2015, Juliet & Kelly founded, a non-profit dedicated to getting all public school children at standing desks in the next 10 years.