NCVA Registration Guide

1. Follow the link to  NCVA Membership.

2. Choose the best option for your daughter:

  •      f your daughter has never played club volleyball or registered with the NCVA, select                the New Member Registration option.
  •     If your daughter has previously registered with the NCVA, with Marin Juniors or any        other club, select the Renewing Member Registration option.

3. Fill out the next page with the Player’s information (your daughter’s).

4. The next page will have 4 boxes. Directions for each box:

  • Member Information: The dropdown box will say “UNDECIDED” as a default. Please scroll down and select “Marin Juniors” as your daughter’s club affiliation.
  • Membership Type: Select the Junior Membership ($70).
  • Parent/Guardian Information: Please fill out this section with an email address you have regular access to in case we need you to forward your daughter’s membership information for any reason.
  • USAV Participant information: Please leave this box blank. Unfortunately, your daughter is not eligible to officiate or coach at this time :)

5. The next page confirms you information and has a space for payment by credit card.
                          ***Note: You must check all waiver boxes to proceed.

6. You’re all set!

If you have any issues with registration:

  • The Registration FAQ page has many answers to common questions.
  • Prefer to talk to a human being? The NCVA has a telephone number! It’s 415-550-7582.

Still frustrated? Please email Rea Arechandieta at and we’ll get you all sorted.