NCVA Tournament FAQ

Where will the tournaments be held?
Tournament locations are released by the NCVA a few days before the tournament takes place. Coaches will communicate tournament locations to teams as soon as the information is released. Tournaments are typically within a 1 hour drive from Marin.

When do the tournaments start?
First serves are at 8am, please arrive at 7am.  

How long will the tournament last?
How long the tournament lasts depends on how the team does. If your daughter’s team is winning, they will stay longer. If they lose, they will go home sooner. For this reason I encourage you to carpool with someone on your team, and TeamSnap is a great way to communicate. That being said, if you carpool with a family on another team and one team does better than the other, you can always stay and cheer that team on! I would expect to be at your site until between 2pm and 6pm.

What should we bring to the Tournament?


  • Uniform, including jersey and spandex
  • Athletic shoes
  • Knee pads
  • M2 hoodie (label it!!!!)
  • Warm pants and additional layers for when your team is not playing
  • Extra hair ties
  • Water Bottle


  • Pack a lunch and plenty of snacks, tournaments are awesome (and sometimes long) days, I encourage families to bring healthy snacks in bulk to share with teammates.
  • It’s always a good idea to bring paper towels/ napkins and a garbage bag for trash.
  • lease do not bring athletic drinks or sports drinks. These drinks are full of sugar and are not needed for the amount of exercise the girls are doing (less than 2 hours of sustained, continues, vigorous activity). Staying hydrated is important, make sure to drink lots of water!

Will there be downtime or time between games?

There may be time between games where teams will sit together, chat, and bond. I discourage you from letting the girls use their cell phones during this time. These are often the moments players look back on the most fondly, when girls get to chat and be silly together.

Reminder for Players...

In a few years when looking back on this experience, they won't remember the score of every game or the number of serves they got over the net. What they’ll remember is playing the sport they love, all day, with their friends. So have fun and do your best. Even if your team loses every game, I expect every girl who gave 100% to walkout with their head held high.

Keep a positive attitude and remember: the only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.