Remember that players are on club time during tournaments. Each player’s actions, decisions, and conduct reflects not just upon the player, but upon the entire club (club, teammates, coaches, parents). Players need to be safe, respectful and responsible while attending travel tournaments. Players need to abide by the club's code-of-conduct signed at the beginning of the season.

Player Guidelines

Head coaches will review the following player travel guidelines at the last practice prior to the first sleep-away tournament. 

1. Players are to respect the decisions of coaches and chaperones. They are the adults in charge and they will have the final say regarding activities, allowances, or exceptions. Remember that being a part of your team and playing volleyball are the two reasons you're at the travel tournament.

2. Room assignments are what they are and cannot be changed.

3. Eat and drink at meal times. There won’t necessarily be time for separate meals (it’s a group).

4. When it is time, be ready to play. This means:

• All jewelry off
• Uniform on (including knee pads, vb shoes)
• Backpack packed, zipped w/ all volleyball gear
• Water bottle full
• Bed made, personal belongs tidy and picked-up
• Teeth and hair brushed
• Check hotel room for missing items, help other players
• No showering in the morning (for players) with an AM wave

5. Keep your personal belongings tidy and picked-up in the hotel room, at the tournament, and in parent's cars. Players are responsible for their own belongs. Untidy things get left and lost.

6. Please ask chaperones if you want to go somewhere (bathroom, hotel room, etc..) and take a buddy with you. You are not to go places on your own. If you are going to leave your room, you must inform a chaperone (even if your parents are with you). For safety purposes, the chaperones need to know where you are at all times.

7. Check in with a chaperone if you have something come up that you need help with. They can help you find a solution.

8. Chaperones will collect all devices and charging cords before curfew and they will be stored in the shared chaperone room overnight. You may ask for them back when you are dressed and ready to go to breakfast. If your parents are trying to get a hold of you during this time, they will be instructed to call the chaperones’ phones or hotel room.

9. It’s important that you remember there are other guests at the hotel, do not run around the property. We are guests and we represent the club. Be respectful to your roommates, hotel neighbors and hotel staff.

10. Backpack and water bottles packed and filled the night before.

11. You must be ready to go by the time that is designated by the chaperones.

12. The team will have free time and fun things planned. Please have a good team attitude and make it fun even if you are not looking forward to a particular event or it wasn't what you voted/hoped to do.

13. Players need to help be responsible for team game balls, cart, water carriers, and medical bag to and from the tournament venues.

14. If you want to do something, ask yourself “Is what I am doing safe, would my coach and chaperone approve of this?”

15. Offer to help your teammates and chaperone if you see a need.

16. If you need anything, you can always call your chaperones' room, no matter what time it is.