Season Plan

Each team will be very different and it's important that coaches have a season plan. What do you need to accomplish before the first game (player expectations, game rules, rotations, warmups, etc.)? What do you want the players to be capable of by midseason? End of season? If you can answer these questions, it give overall guidelines for a 2-3 week block of time.

Suggested Practice Plan Breakdown

Beginner / Intermediate

  • WarmUp / Check-in [5 min]
  • Individual/Partner Ball Handling [5-10 min]
  • Serving & Serve Receive [5-10 min]
  • Introduction of a Skill [20 min]
  • Games (with focus on new skill) [20 min]
  • Serving & Serve Receive [5-10 min]
  • Game Play [15 min]

Intermediate / Advanced

  • Warmup / Check-In [5 min]
  • Small Group/Partner Ball Handling [5-10 min]
  • Serve & Serve Receive [10 min]
  • Skill Review/Focus OR team concept review [10-15 min]
  • Games (with focus on new skill) [30 min]
  • Team Concept Intro/Review [10-15 min]
  • Games (with focus on new skill) [30 min]

General Practice Philosophy and Structure

  • Have a plan. The more specific the better.
  • Have one or two points of focus for each practice.
  • Communicate the plan with your assistants so they can focus feedback on specific keys and points.
  • Play a lot.
  • Serve and Serve Receive are the two most critical skills. So try to initiate as many games/drills as you can with it

Best Practices for Drills / Grills

  • More random, less blocked
  • Player initiated vs. coach initiated
  • Have a specific focus and emphasize by
  • Coach feedback
  • Scoring
  • 1st ball initiation
  • Plan the duration, make it clear how it ends (time, score, goal)
  • Tips for an effective practice
  • Take notes throughout for recognition/kudos
  • Take notes throughout for things to work on in the next practice
  • Pre-assign players so you don't have to count off or improvise on the fly.