Ray Karter

Head Coach


  • 23 years coaching volleyball




  • 101% Passion for volleyball


  • 9 years with Marin Juniors

Ray Karter began coaching volleyball in 1994 and has coached at many prominent clubs and high schools throughout the Bay Area. Currently the head varsity coach at Tamalpais High School, Ray has also coached volleyball at Branson, San Rafael High and others. Ray began his club coaching career at Marin Juniors and returned to Marin Juniors in 2008. He's committed to the club and at Marin Juniors to stay.

Ray's fun and energetic personality compliments his strong ability to teach technical volleyball skills to players at all levels. He continually offers his enthusiasm and encouragement, aiming to make it a memorable experience for the entire team. 

Ray grew up in Kauai, Hawaii. He swam and played water polo during his high school years, and began playing volleyball in college. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1994 with a degree in Computer Science. Ray currently works as the Technology Specialist for Mark Day School. 

He loves volleyball and plays as much as possible, usually spending his summers competing in outdoor grass doubles tournaments. Ray admits to running, but only when being chased by an angry mob or when the last one there doesn't get dessert!



Always play hard, because actions speak louder than words.


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