Russ Thibeault

Head Coach


  • 100% Calm + Positive coaching style


  • 250K+ Serves


  • 2 Years racing cars


  • 2007 began coaching at Marin Juniors

Russ Thibeault's love for volleyball started when he was 18 after watching a pro beach volleyball tournament. He and his cousins set-up a net in the backyard, and later he continued to play at open gyms wherever he could find them. 

He has been coaching for Marin Juniors since 2007, and has previously coached 16.2 (2007), 15.2 (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011), 14.2 (2012, 2014), 13.1 (2014, 2015), and 13.2 (2016). Russ has coached at many high schools in Marin, including:  Novato High School, San Rafael High School, Marin Academy, Terra Linda High School, and Sir Francis Drake High School. Russ is the junior varsity coach at Marin Academy. 

As a coach, Russ offers positive feedback and motivation to players as they work to master their volleyball skills, mental toughness, and game strategy. 

Russ works full time as an IT Network Manager at Marin Academy, and enjoys fixing up his house on the Russian River. He hopes to plan a trip to Italy soon.


on volleyball

Volleyball is a game you can play your entire life. Start early, have fun and keep playing.


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