What do players want their parents saying on the sidelines?

Here are some excerpts from players when talking about their parents’ involvement in sports:

I HATE when parents:

  • Start coaching

  • Make negative comments or criticism

  • Are not involved or not supportive

  • Complain to ref about calls

  • immediate “feedback”

  • Are sometimes too willing to help

  • Anger @ mistakes

  • pointing out mistakes of your own child

  • yells at their child in a negative manner

  • get disappointed when I don’t do well

  • don’t listen - already think they know what I am saying

  • when parents ask how I played

I LOVE when parents:

  • Are supportive

  • Are enthusiastic

  • Attend games

  • Listen to me (the player)

  • Support the whole team and coach

  • Proud even when you don’t do as well

  • Celebrate when we work hard

  • understand what you’re going through