player packing list

For Sleep Away Tournaments

Come well rested, hydrated, and ready to work hard and have fun!

personal Overnight bag

  1. Ensure personal overnight bag has a luggage tag w/ player name
  2. Clothing and shoes for free time, including a warm jacket
  3. Pajamas
  4. Swim suit and flip flops (hotels often have a pool)
  5. Toiletry supplies including chapstick, sunscreen, and any other feminine care products
  6. Fleece blanket (if desired)
  7. Typically a brown bag lunch, drink, and snack (for car trip to tournament)
  8. $40 cash for incidentals (food, forgot knee pads, etc.) 
  9. Mobile device(s) and charging cord(s) labeled w/ player name
  10. Small personal mesh laundry bag (labeled w/ player name) - used for washing uniforms after games (all uniforms will be tossed into 1-2 load(s) of team laundry. Mesh bags will help chaperones keep socks and spandex apart!
  11. For downtime fun: 2-3 favorite nail polish colors (maybe MJ colors?), remover, and nail tools (files, clippers, cotton balls). Colors you don’t mind sharing!
  12. A book, homework, a volleyball

MJ backpack 

  1. Personal whistle to ref with
  2. Uniform (jersey shirts, spandex, sweatshirts, etc..)
  3. Volleyball shoes and socks (black, white)
  4. Volleyball knee pads (maybe 2 pairs)
  5. Hair accessories, sports head bands
  6. Emergency power bar / non-perishable snack
  7. Water bottle with player name on it