Our popular strength, mobility, jump and cardio training returns this summer! For high school (including rising freshman) and collegiate players, we are offering training sessions to prepare you for the fall season.

Jump boxes, kettlebells, agility ladders, sand training, medicine balls and a variety of bands will all be used to provide a variety of high intensity training to help you get faster, stronger, jump higher, and get super fit for the summer and upcoming fall season.

Each session will be approximately 75 minutes and while there will be a slightly different focus each time, every session will include some focus on shoulders, core and jump mechanics. 

Sessions will be held every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 10am, primarily at Marin Academy but also at the beach courts at College of Marin and other outdoor locations (TBD). Sessions run from June 5 through August 5th (27 total sessions). Cost is $20 per session (drop in) or $175 for the whole summer for current/alumni MJ players. $250 for non-MJ players.

If you are interested, please let Craig know ( and you'll be added to the Team Snap roster.