Determining which tournaments require overnight stays, and how a trip is configured (departure time and day) is at the discretion of the head coach and parent team leaders (carpool coordinator, team parent, treasurer, travel coordinator).

If the team is staying overnight for a tournament, players and chaperones travel and stay together in a block of “team hotel rooms” for the duration of a travel tournament. Coaches will share a room (if the same gender) and the player & chaperone room configuration will be:

For 11s and 12s teams, the configuration is three players and one chaperone per room (typically mom of one of the players in the room). Three mom chaperones required. Rooms with two queen beds and two players share one queen, and mom and daughter share the other queen.

For 13s and older, the configuration is four players per room, two players per bed (queen or larger). Typically two mom-chaperones share a room, each in one queen bed. Two mom chaperones required.

Teams are responsible to book their own block of non-smoking, non-casino hotel rooms consisting of four adjacent (or close proximity) rooms.

Teams should select hotels that meet the following criteria:

  • Non-Smoking
  • Non-Casino
  • Queen beds for any player rooms where beds will be shared
  • Suites if possible, to allow for more space, privacy and amenities for preparing snacks and/or breakfast
  • Hotels with a heated pool and an early hot breakfast buffet included are a huge plus
  • Internal, key-controlled, hallway access to rooms
  • Under $175/night (use as a general guideline)

Player room assignments and bed sharing assignments are provided by the coaches, and cannot be changed. No friend requests are taken into account.

Player rooms, chaperone rooms, and coach lodging are paid for by the team regardless of a child’s tournament attendance. Travel fees are typically collected by the team treasurer at the beginning of the season, based on tournament schedule and locations.

Club policy is that all players and chaperones stay together as outlined above. This is an important piece of building team unity, developing responsibility, and simplifying coordination.


  • The team-sponsored chaperone rooms are for chaperones only as they are being paid for by the team. The policy is that other non-chaperone parents, friends or family members should avoid staying in the chaperone room.
  • If both chaperones would prefer to have their own room, they will need to split the costs among themselves. If one of the chaperones prefers to have her own room, she will be responsible for the costs. 
  • If players are excused from riding with the team carpool to an overnight tournament hotel/venue, they will need to arrive to the team hotel room no later than 8 PM to be permitted to stay in the team hotel room. If it is anytime after 8 PM, players may have to stay with a family member so as not to disturb the team hotel rooms.
  • Prior to departure, player rules and player packing list will be reviewed with the team by their coach.
  • Safety is critical when traveling as a group. Teams are to choose hotels in safe areas, non-smoking rooms, and in a non-casino setting.
  • Other non-chaperone parents are encouraged to stay at the same team hotel or at another hotel nearby if desired. This is at their own expense.