Marin Juniors Volleyball Club Travel Policy provides specific guidelines for travel tournaments that require overnight stays for club teams. Each player, parent, and coach represents the club while attending away travel tournaments, and the club expects all parties to uphold and abide by the club travel policy outlined within this travel section.


Marin Juniors teams compete in travel tournaments throughout the club season that require overnight stays for players, coaches, and parents. Tournaments that are located more than two hours from Marin typically require overnight hotel accommodations along with group meal and activity planning. Playing schedule (e.g. AM or PM wave), traffic, and logistics also may factor into the decision to stay the night or not. Examples of overnight locations include Reno, Sacramento, Fresno/Clovis and Santa Cruz. 



It is the viewpoint of Marin Juniors that overnight travel tournaments present an opportunity to deepen team unity and bonding for players. Traveling is also an important opportunity to help teach and develop each individual player’s independence, adaptability and responsibility. To foster these values, teams travel and lodge together as a group with chaperones. 

The policies outlined here serve a dual purpose:

  1. Serve the team's needs first. Maximize "togetherness" by keeping players together as much as possible, which also simplifies team logistics.

  2. Encourage player development by putting responsibilities on the players and encouraging them to self advocate.

It is important to recognize the policies are NOT designed for maximum comfort, convenience or consideration of individual players. More often than not, players will need to operate slightly out of their comfort zone and do things in ways they may not normally do at home. This is a critical part of being a part of a high-functioning team or group.


Team “incidental” travel costs are not included in the club fees and are managed by each individual team. These costs include group food (snacks, team water, breakfasts, lunches, dinners), and possibly group activities. Travel fees are estimated based upon a team’s tournament schedule in December/January and are typically collected at the beginning of the season by the team treasurer.

Team rooms, chaperone rooms, and coach lodging are all paid by the club and are included in the club fees based on the following guidelines:

  • Power League Qualifier - one night per team in Sacramento

  • Golden State Classic - one night per team in Sacramento

  • Far Westerns - two or three nights per team in Reno

  • Power League Championships - two nights for teams in Reno, one night for teams in Sacramento

  • Power League 1, 2 or 3: one night per team playing in Clovis or Yuba City (or equiv)