Marin Juniors Tryout FAQ

Q: What are tryouts like?
Players will run through a series of drills to demonstrate competency in the basic fundamentals of passing, setting, serving and hitting. There will be game-like situations to demonstrate players' ability to execute skills in competition. Players will also be moved across courts and groups based on performance and/or specific positions.  It is important that players do not get caught up in which court they (or their friends) are on or how they are being moved. They should instead focus on doing the very best they can, no matter what.

Q: What are you looking for?
There will be coaches standing around the court with clipboards in hand, taking notes.  What are we writing and what are we looking for?  To start, we are looking for your current level of skill and experience, with particular attention paid to both proper mechanics and maximum effort.  In lieu of significant experience of proper teaching, we are looking for potential.  Raw athletic ability, general "ball sense" and "tracking" (e.g. how well a player anticipates and reacts to the game), and "coachability" are also scored highly. Other intangibles that coaches like are the ability to respond well to mistakes, encouraging and motivating others, and the attitude of players who simply love to play.

Q: Will all players who tryout be put on a team?
No.  Unfortunately we do not anticipate being able to accommodate every player who is interested, but we hope to create as many opportunities as possible through the club and through the M2 program.

Q: When will we receive an offer?
Many offers will go out the same day via email/text/phone. We ask that families respond in 24 hours from the offer so that we minimize the amount of time that players without offers are waiting. If you do not get an offer within the first 24 hours, it just means that you are on the wait list. Typically the Black (top) teams are finalized within 2-3 days and the Green team before the end of the week.

Q: Will we receive a notice if we do not make it?
If you have not heard from us, it just means you are on the wait list. Unfortunately, we will not make individual calls or emails to all of the players who do not make a team. We will post the a notification on the web site once the teams are complete.

Q: How will players be selected for teams?
Players will be selected based on a combination of previously acquired skills and experience and what we assess as their potential to learn and develop. Teams (especially older teams) will also be formed with consideration for positions and skill sets. So it’s possible that the top 12 players in any age group are not selected for the top team (if, for example, they are all amazing setters but are only average hitters).

Q: Do I need to attend and participate in the club tryouts in order to be eligible to be selected for a team?
Yes, with only a few exceptions. If you are a returning club player or we know you from summer camps and fall clinics, and there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from making tryouts on the first weekend of November (injury, family emergencies), it is possible to still be considered for a team. Please make sure to register and communicate with us about your situation.

Q: What age group should I tryout for?
If you are old for your grade (born before September 1st) you need to tryout in your age group. If you are young for your grade, we encourage you to tryout with your grade and we will consider you for the younger age group. In some situations we may ask players to attend multiple tryouts.

Q: Do you offer same day registration?
Yes. However, if you are going to register day-of we recommend that you get to tryouts at least 30 minutes early as the lines to check in can get quite long. Tryouts will start on time regardless of how long the check-in line is.

Q: What should my daughter wear to tryouts?
Girls should come to tryouts ready to play. Attire should include spandex shorts, shirts with sleeves, knee pads, and athletic shoes. Hair should be tied up and out of the player’s face. No jewelry should be worn at tryouts or practices.

Q: Are returning players given priority?
In some cases, yes.  We do use everything we know about a player and their family based on previous seasons, clinics and school seasons. Obviously it helps if our coaches are familiar with a player's skill and experience, but our objective for tryouts is to put together the most balanced and competitive teams possible.  In some cases for families that have been with the program previously, but for any reason their commitment, coachability, or attitude have not met our high standards, their history with the program will not work in their favor.