Valerie Jane Chua

Head Coach

  • 24 Countries Visited


  • 5 Olympic Volleyball Players Met


  • 26 Letters of the alphabet - backwards!


  • 100% Whole-athlete approach to coaching

Val joined Marin Juniors in 2011 and has coached 15.1 (2011), 13.2 (2011-2015), clinics, and occasionally the M2 and Volleystart programs. Val has coached at several Marin schools including: Terra Linda High School, Marin Academy, St. Anselm and St. Hilary. In her seven seasons coaching, Val has coached 18 teams within the 13-16 age groups. 

She was introduced to volleyball at the age of 11 after having tried out for her middle school volleyball program and continued to play right side and as a DS during high school. Her whole-child approach to coaching is reflective of her formative experiences both as a player and extensive experiences in the nonprofit sector. Val has served as a teacher/behavioral specialist for individuals in underserved communities that had experienced some type of abuse, neurological impairment, and/or related social and emotional challenges. Val believes that it is important as a coach to be proactive and responsive to players as individuals in order to maximize growth and potential, and to better understand how to create a positive and effective learning environment for the team and their families. 

Val earned an MBA in Strategic Management from Western Governors University, and a BA in Communications and Social and Cultural Studies from Dominican University of California. Outside of volleyball, Val is the Associate Brand Marketing Manager for Williams-Sonoma where she helps manage retail store and community programs, events and nonprofit initiatives. She continues to volunteer at programs benefiting underserved communities and remains involved in the education community as a member of two academic boards with a mission and vision to improve resources for their respected communities. 



Carpe Diem! (Seize the day) and Live Pono (Do right by others).


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